Browse the internet privately without a VPN using a Tor browser.

A Tor Browser lets your browse the internet privately and securely using the Tor network and it cost much less than a VPN, i.e. its free. This is great for using unsecured wifi in public places. A problem with public wifi or wifi at your work is that certain sites may be blocked by people who decided that you need to be protected and safe from them. One web site that I see often blocked is the BC Lottery Corporation ( because its classified as a gambling site, even though its a government run site for view lottery info and buying tickets. A Tor Browser bypasses the blocks and I can view the site and see I I’m finally a millionaire.

The Tor network is much slower than the internet for “normies” but its bearable as long as you don’t try streaming videos. You can download browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android on the Tor Project site. An iOS app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.

Once you install it, browse to Dark Web Links to get started.

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