Changing the IP in Fedora is easy. All you have do is go to the Administration -> Network utilitiy (through the Fedora menu), select the network card, and press the Edit button. From there you can change the IP and other settings.
If your using an older version of Linux, there may not be a friendly GUI application like this to change your IP, or you may be connected to a server by ssh or some other command line console. The IP can be changed through the ifconfig command.
Quick and Easy Steps
You first need to run ifconfig to see what network adapters are present in your computer. Once you have this information, you can change the IP with the following command, assuming eth0 is your network adapter:
ifconfig eth0
This command changes the IP of eth0 to There are many more options available for ifconfig and you can read about them by typing man ifconfig on the command line.

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