Adenium Systems tech support recommended that an internal URL for the DFS report server is used as opposed to an external one. This is likely due to increased performance in accessing the URL.

To change this URL, open Library Manager and right click on the Library and then select the option to edit. Go to the Settings tab and edit the Report Server URL (see below) so that it has an internal URL.

Report Server URL in DFS library settings.

Go back to the Description tab and add an internal URL (i.e. here. If you leave this blank, DFS will use the external URL for the Internal Portal URL when you preview the planroom in the Library Manager. Each time you edit something in the library settings, you need to set the IP here or it will save as blank. The Internal IP Address always starts off as a blank and it will save like that if you press the OK button.

Internal IP Address in DFS library settings.

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