The “Terms and Conditions” link when creating a new user in uStore 7.3 do not seem to work on my system. When the link is clicked, it opens the login page in a new window. If an existing user logs in here, the terms page will then appear. The user will need to close this page and go to the previous page to login to a store.

I made s small modification to the Login.aspx page in \XMPie\uStore\App\CustomerApp folder.
<span style=”position: relative; top: -27px; left: 19px; padding-bottom: 2px; background-color: #F1F1F1;”>
I accept the <a href=”http://../Terms.html” style=”text-decoration: underline” target=”_blank”>Terms & Conditions</a>
The Terms file in the example above is in the CustomerApp folder. Place this code in the < tr id=”trAcceptTermsConditions” … > section. The code is placed after the existing terms and condition text and checkbox. If your not sure how to find it, search for “Please read and accept the Terms & Conditions”. Place the code addition after that.
My code doesn’t change anything on the login page. It creates a grey text box with the same text as the original terms and places the new text over the old one. You will only see the new text and the URL will open in a new page. Create a button to close the terms page or make a note on the bottom after they read it to close it.

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