I’ve just completed a new and improved version of GotDotNet. The previous version was a Win32 console application which ran the command line processor (i.e. the “DOS” box). This box always appeared regardless of whether or not the .NET framework was installed.
The new version is a Win32 MFC application and it does not use the command line processor to run or execute external commands. If you run the program as is (i.e. GotDotNet), you will get a form showing which versions of .NET are installed (if any). The Setup button will allow you to specify what programs are run if .NET is present or not.

If you run GotDotNet with a /d parameter, it not open any form and it will process the predefined settings in GotDotNet.ini, which will either run a .NET program or run the .NET installer.
I haven’t had the time to thoroughly test the software yet so there may be bugs, but it did work as expected with my test data.
You can get GotDotNet by clicking here.
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