Everyone at one or another played spy games when they were kids. One thing that a good spy needed to be able to do was send secret messages to other spies. Normally, this would be done with a clever code or writing made with invisible inks. You would then need a special light or decoder marker to translate the secret message.
Fortunately, today in the high tech 21st Century, you don’t need to do this sort of thing anymore. You can send secret messages using Hide In Picture from Davi Figueiredo.
This program will allow you embed a small text file in a .JPG or .BMP file. You can specify Blowfish or Rijndael for the encryption algorithm. A password then needs to be selected. That’s all there is to inserting a secret message in an image file. The file size doesn’t change much from the original size and the program won’t allow you to insert large files in a bitmap.
The user interface for the software is very simple and it could be improved. The latest version is 2.1 which was made 5 years ago. I think it might be time to upgrade the software and make it more user friendly and include documentation that can be called from the program.
Overall, its a fun program to play with and its something that can be used to waste time when your bored. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can download it at sourceforge.net/projects/hide-in-picture.

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