Solution to common problems that Windows servers have in allowing remote users to connect to MySQL.

Windows Server is commonly used to run MySQL and MariaDB. The main problems that user may have connecting remotely to it can be through firewall settings blocking port 3306 or users not having the privileges to access the server. A quick test to see if the firewall is a problem is to turn it off and try to connect. Often, the firewall isn’t blocking users since it was correctly setup with the software install.

Create a new user for remote connections, don’t use the default root user for this. Once this is setup, login to the database server through the command line. This can be done through PowerShell or through its predefined command prompt in the Start Menu for the application. Then enter the following in the command line (the user and password is what you created for the remote connection):

grant all privileges on *.* to 'user'@'%' identified by 'password';

You should be able to connect remotely to the database server after this is successfully entered.

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