Windows Server 2008 comes with the Windows Server Backup utility which can be used to backup folders, drives, and the system partition with Windows and installed application. This is useful for recovering your computer if the operating system needs to be reinstalled.

Windows Server Backup replaces the Backup Utility (ntbackup.exe) that was used on earlier versions of Windows. I noticed that the old ntbackup program also supports backing up the system partition with Automated System Recovery Wizard.

Installation Procedure

In order to use the Windows Server Backup, you need to install 3 components: Windows Server Backup, Command-line tools, and Windows PowerShell. The following procedure will install the required components.

  1. Press the Start button and then select Server Manager.
  2. Go to Features.
  3. Press the Add Features link.
  4. in the Add Features Wizard, select Windows PowerShell in the list of Features which check boxes.
  5. Open Windows Server Backup Features and select Windows Server Backup and Command-line tools (see image below).
    Selecting features to install to use Windows Server Backup.
  6. Press the Next button.
  7. Press the Install button on the Confirm Installation Selections form.
  8. Press the Close button after the features are installed.

2 Ways to Run the Backup

Windows Server Backup can be run as a Windows GUI application or from the command line. To run the GUI version, open the Start menu, select Administrative Tools, and then select Windows Server Backup.

The command line version can be run from the command shell with the wbadmin command. You can view available options with wbadmin /?.

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