I have a problem. I like almond butter, but I don’t like paying for almond butter. The reason is that its too expensive compared to peanut butter. After some research and experimenting, I have an algorithm (or recipe for the non-techies) to create it yourself.

The first thing you need is a food processor, preferably a good one. I bought a small one for around $50 that is powerful enough to liquefy food. You can buy a food processor which costs hundreds of dollars, but a lower cost one will be sufficient for this task.
The next thing you need is almonds. The best ones are raw, unprocessed, and organic. Put the almonds in the food processor and blend in the highest setting. A powerful food processor will eventually extract the oil from the almonds and you’ll have a buttery spread. My $50 processor can’t do this, and can only crush the almonds into a course powder.
If your food processor isn’t powerful enough, you can add coconut oil and blend it. The almonds will stick together and you’ll have a crunchy almond butter. You can improve the taste by blending it with a sweetener such as Xylitol. This is a natural sweetener which looks and tastes like sugar, but doesn’t have the problems associated with it.
Adding organic and unsweetened cocoa powder will make a chocolate spread. All of these should be added with oil since the almond butter becomes difficult to mix after the oil is used. You need to experiment with quantities depending on your taste. The more oil you use, the less dry the butter will be.
The final product is a sweet, chocolate almond butter. Leave it in a container at room temperature to keep it soft, or store it in the refrigerator to make it hard for snacking like a fudge treat.
If you use organic ingredients and avoid processed sugars, the almond butter will be a health snack on its own or on a gluten free biscuit.

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