For the spirits who have fled
From the earth which once they trod;
For the loved and faithful dead,
We beseech the living God!
Oh! receive and love them!
By the grave where Thou Overt lying,
By the anguish of Thy dying,
Spread Thy wings above them;
Grant Thy pardon unto them,
Dona cis requiem!

Long they suffered here below,
Outward fightings, inward fears;
Ate the cheerless bread of woe,
Drank the bitter wine of tears:
Now receive and love them!
By Thy holy Saints departures,
By the witness of Thy martyrs,
Spread Thy wings above them.
On the souls in gloom who sit,
Lux eterna luceat!

Lord, remember that they wept,
When Thy children would divide;
Lord, remember that they slept
On the bosom of Thy Bride;
And receive and love them!
By the tears Thou couldst not smother;
By the love of Thy dear Mother,
Spread Thy wings above them.
To their souls, in bliss with Thee,
Dona pacem, Domini!

Grant our prayers, and bid them pray,
O thou Flower of Jesse s stem;
Lend a gracious ear when they
Plead for us, as we for them.
Deus Angelorum,
Dona cis requiem,
Et beatitudinem.
Cordibus eorum
Jesu, qui salutam das
Micat lumen animas!


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