Joomla is an easy to use (but challenging to learn) CMS. It will run on any web server with PHP and MySQL installed. Most installations are run on Linux-based servers, but you can run it on Windows as well.
I’ve been testing Joomla in Linux extensively and I learned enough to build a real application with it. So I installed it in Windows and at the end, an error message was displayed that it couldn’t write the config file. The settings that should have been written were cut and pasted into the configuration.php file.
Then you can view the Joomla site in your web browser. This is normally done by typing localhost/joomla_site in the web browser address bar.
Everything seems fine until you login as administrator and try to save changes you make in the site configuration. An error may be displayed that the file can’t be written to. The files may be read only which can be easily fixed by right clicking on it, selecting Properties, and de-selected the Read-only checkbox.
If this doesn’t allow you to write to the config file, you’ll need to give the Internet Guest Account permission to access it. This can be done by right clicking on the config file, select Properties, select the Security tab, and then press the Add button. Press the Advanced button, and then press the Find Now button. Select IUSR_NAME (where NAME is the name of your computer). Press OK and then OK again. With the Internet Guest Account selected, press the Full Control checkbox and then press the OK button. Joomla will then be able to write to the config file.

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