Linux can be a very complex operating system. New system administrators are often overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to know to maintain it.
Fortunately, there are tools to make your life easier as a sysadmin. One of these is Webmin from Jamie Cameron.
This is a web-based system administration tool for Linux. You can use it for setting up users and groups, file sharing, Apache, cron jobs, and many more options. One useful thing I was able to do was to change the “Other” option in the Grub Boot Loader to “Windows XP” for my dual boot system. You can do this when you install Fedora but I never could figure out how to do it after the OS was installed.
Webmin is run rather strangely by logging into http://localhost:10000/ as a Linux user. Normally, you would log in as the root user.
With the many settings that you can control through Webmin, one has to wonder how they ever got along without it. Webmin is definitely an application every system administrator should be using.

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