A prayer for the forgotten and abandoned souls in Purgatory, by Spencer Green Fonseca.

Oh Lord have mercy on the souls of our brethren who still bear the debt of suffering which they had not discharged before death due to faults committed and forgiven during life and neglected to expiate by worthy fruits of exterior penance.

As their pain remains to be endured in all its rigor and long duration, we pray especially for those souls who are suffering unbearably in the deepest level of purgatory,

paying their debt to the terrible justice of God and who are not assisted by the living since hardly anyone remembers them and they remain there completely lost,

forgotten and abandoned and obtain the least relief for themselves because their time of merit has passed.

We ask you to reduce their sentence, wash them clean with Thy precious blood, remit their punishment for their faults which displeased you and grant them quick deliverance to their eternal home where they will be welcomed by the martyrs and saints and presented to you by the hands of the angels.





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