If one knew what we may obtain from God by the intercession of the Holy Souls, they would not be so much abandoned.

Padre Pio

If you want to make a great friend, do something extraordinary for them. Kindness is usually repayed many times over in return for charity. What do you think would happen if your prayers and sacrifices released a soul in Purgatory? A soul who was suffering the pains of hell (due to separation from God) and then brought to heaven in full communion with our God. Their joy will be intense and they will remember you. In fact, they will be constantly interceding for you at Our Lord’s feet for not only your salvation, but for your other prayer requests as well.

Praying for the holy souls has lead to miracles. If you have a seemingly impossible or very difficult problem to solve, help the holy souls. They will repay you many times over. Do you have problems that overwhelming you? These may be health, financial, or family related. Help the holy souls, offer masses for them, and encourage others to pray for them. The holy souls will pray for your needs and intercede to Our Lord for you.

Interceding for the suffering souls requires a sacrifice on our part. These are acts which greatly help them and, in turn, help us when they intercede for us in return. Set aside time for them each day to pray or work for them.

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